oxiclean carpet

Oxiclean Carpet

Oxiclean carpet cleaner has been a solution in cleaning the stubborn stains found in your carpet. The good thing about oxiclean is that it can be used on any type of carpet to remove different types of stains. You do not have to buy different carpet stains removers whenever your carpet has a different stain.  This will actually help you to save your money and time spent looking for different types of carpet stain removers. It enhances good cleanliness of your carpet which you cannot achieve when using a vacuum cleaner. However, when using oxiclean carpet cleaner, it is important that you should know how to use it properly in order to achieve good results. Here are the steps that you should follow when cleaning your carpet

Requirements – oxiclean carpet

The requirements that you should be having include washing detergents, steam cleaner, water and oxiclean. With these requirements you will easily carry out the cleaning process. First, you should obtain your steam cleaner and put in the washing detergent, Oxiclean and water. These three products are supposed to be mixed using a certain ratio. This will help you in achieving good results


The next step will require you to turn on your steam cleaner. After turning on the steam cleaner you should give it at least 10 minutes in order for it to develop adequate heat. When the heat has been developed the steam heater will start producing steam. When you observe this, you should take your steam cleaner and use it to clean your carpet. You should use slow motion to move the cleaner over the carpet tile. This will ensure that every part of the carpet will be cleaned. The cleaning agents also acquire good time to have good penetration in to the carpet. Repeat the steps of cleaning the carpet with the steam cleaner until you are satisfied that all stains have been removed. After you have fully cleaned your carpet, you can return the steam cleaner to its location. Now you should give your carpet adequate time to dry. You should know that failure of proper drying of the carpet reduces its longevity. In order to maintain the quality of your carpet ensure that it dries up well. After drying up you can return the carpet to its usual position. With oxiclean carpet cleaner you can be assured that your carpet will always be clean and free from stubborn stains.